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Highlights, Actions & Policies from Stated Meeting November 18, 2014

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For Highlights of the November Stated Meeting click here.

The following actions are provided to the Presbytery members by the Stated Clerk.

Presbytery VOTED:

To APPROVE Presbytery’s portion of the 2015 Per Capita Apportionment in the amount of $25.28 per active, communicant member.  This represents no change from 2014.

 [NOTE: we have received word that the General Assembly and Synod of the Northeast Per Capita amounts for 2015 are as follows:  Synod of the Northeast - $4.00 (a $.05 increase from 2014); General Assembly - $7.07 (a $0.05 increase from 2014).]

Therefore, the total 2015 Per Capita Apportionment for the Presbytery of the Palisades shall be $36.35 per active communicant member, as compared to a 2014 total of $36.25


To MAKE AVAILABLE $300,000 for grants, from the proceeds of the sale of the property of the former First Presbyterian Church of Wood-Ridge, in accordance with the newly-adopted Policy on the Use of Assets of Dissolved Congregations (“New Wineskins”).

For a copy of the Policy (click here). For the accompanying application form (click here).

Completed application forms should be returned to the Presbytery Office.



          1.  A 2% increase in SALARY + HOUSING for all full-time Calls/Invitations for 2015, for a new, minimum SALARY + HOUSING of $62,644.   Less than full-time Calls/Invitations may be pro-rated accordingly.

          2. An INCREASE in the minimum for Professional Expenses (including travel) for 2015, to $2,500; and an INCREASE in the minimum for Continuing Education Expenses for 2015, to $1000.

          3.  In addition, the Committee on Ministry recommends that the SALARY + HOUSING for Ministers currently receiving more than the new Presbytery minimum be increased by 2% for 2015, wherever possible.

Note: The new federal mileage rate for 2015 is 57.5 per mile.  

And a REMINDER:  Please submit your 2015 Terms of Call/Invitation to the Committee on Ministry as soon as possible in the New Year!

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Evangelical Interim Needed

Greetings Colleague and Merry Christmas. I have a church in Mesa, AZ (just east of Phoenix) in need of an interim. They worship and serve from the perspective of the evangelical wing of our denomination, so the interim they prefer will be able to pass the litmus tests of having a more conservative perspective on 10-A and marriage equality. If you have any names or PIFs that would match such a congregation, please forward them along to me at
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Faith Guides, Faith Gives

Faith Guides, Faith Gives from The Board of Pensions PC(USA) on Vimeo.

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