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Highlights of the Stated Meeting, June 21, 2011

The meeting was hosted by the First Presbyterian Church in Ramsey. The Staff, Elders and Deacons warmly welcomed the Presbytery members. The sanctuary was adorned with Pentecost decorations which enhanced the theme for the worship service. The participants in the worship service were the ministers celebrating their ordination anniversaries. The Rev. Donald Smith, who celebrated his 65th year of ordination, gave a special meditation on how missions have changed over the years.  Worship was led by Rev. Steve McClelland, Pastor of First Presbyterian Church of Hackensack, who celebrated his 25th year of ordination.
The Presbytery approved the minutes of March 15, 2011 and the consent agenda.
The Stated Clerk explained in detail the effect of the passing of Amendment 10-A and n-fog (New form of Government) and the enabling resolutions. All materials were included in the pre-pak, sent to all ministers and clerks via e-mail and posted on the website with June 21 documents.
The Leadership Study Group presented three questions, which were discussed among six groups.
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Better Together: A Multicultural Celebration of Pentecost

What a celebration of Pentecost!  On June 5, 2011, one message resounded through the santuary of the Pilgrim Church in Paramus New Jersey: We are One was expressed through... the enchanting choirs in Korean, English, and Spanish; including Negro Spirituals sung by the African American Choir…in the different musical instruments and singing which compelled the congregation to stand, join their hearts and hands as they clapped and gave standing ovations... The word of God from Acts 2:1-12 was read in 11 different languages, English, Russian, Aramaic, Armenian, Chinese, Arabic, Korean, Japanese, Portuguese, Spanish, and  Akan (West Africa)... The inspiring sermon “The Work of the Holy Spirit,” reminded us once again that Pentecost knows no national boundaries, no language barriers, no time limit, and manifests in nontraditional ways; the unexpected, unprecedented and unplanned move of God!
Working together the three Presbyteries: Eastern Korean, Newark and the Palisades, truly expressed that together we can go farther, be stronger and our witness becomes more powerful.  It’s so much better together….
Thank you to the hosting church Pastor and members, who toiled long and hard to provide the attendees with plenty of delicious food and blessed everyone with their warm hospitality.  
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Administrative Professionals Day

The Council of the Presbytery hosted an Appreciation Dinner for Administrative Staff & Clerks of Session on April 27, 2011. The dinner was held in recognition of the unsung heroes who work hard to support the mission of the Presbytery, and it was hosted at "Mangiamo" Pizza & Restaurant in Paramus. Guests sat in small mixed groups and were served delectable Italian food. They participated in games which promoted conversation, laughter, and fun.

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