It shall have the duty and responsibility to carry out the work described in Book of Order G-3.0307 - Pastor, Counselor, and Advisor to Teaching Elders and Congregations, paragraphs 1 and 2; and the work described in Chapter Two of the Book of Order pertaining to Teaching Elders, Ruling Elders commissioned to particular pastoral service (CRE), who may also be called Commissioned Lay Pastors, and Certified Christian Educators.

1. This Committee shall have responsibility to interview in person and inquire into the credentials of all Teaching Elders and Certified Christian Educators applying for reception into the Presbytery, laboring or seeking to labor within the bounds of Presbytery.

2. In consultation with representatives of any Church without an installed Pastor, the Committee shall nominate a Moderator for the Session (a member of this Committee being preferred, if practical), and provide for a liaison with the Pastor Nominating Committee when such a Committee has been elected by the congregation. Moderators of the Sessions of Churches without installed Pastors who are not members of the Committee on Ministry shall maintain communication with the Committee and shall present a written or oral report as requested.

3. The Committee shall see that the pulpit is properly supplied until a Pastor is chosen, and remuneration of such supply shall be at a rate approved by the said Committee.

4. When any Teaching Elder or any Ruling Elder in active service in a Church approaches the Committee with a concern about the peace, unity, and purity of that particular Church, this Committee shall, through its chair, direct such inquiries and concerns to appropriate counselors or advisors who will help resolve the issues and seek to restore the peace, unity, and purity of that Church.

5. This Committee shall prepare plans for Ordination of candidates not under the care of the Committee on Preparation for Ministry and/or Installation, in consultation with the candidate before presentation to the Presbytery.

The Moderator, or his or her appointee, shall preside and propound the Constitutional Questions. At least five Teaching Elders and Ruling Elders of this Presbytery, including the Moderator, as nearly evenly divided between Teaching Elders and Ruling Elders as possible, and with no two Ruling Elders from the same Church, shall be elected by Presbytery to every Ordaining and/or Installing Commission, and shall participate in the Service, two of whom shall deliver either the Sermon, Charge to the Teaching Elder, or Charge to the Congregation.

In addition to the five Teaching Elders and Ruling Elders constituting the Ordaining and/or Installing Commission, there may be “Other Participants” in the Service of Worship, and these may include other Teaching Elders and Ruling Elders, family members, friends, Seminary classmates, etc., as appropriate.

All Teaching Elders participating in a Service of Ordination and/or Installation, who are not members of this Presbytery, shall be members in good standing either in the Presbyterian Church(USA), or in a denomination in correspondence with the General Assembly of our Church.

In accordance with Book of Order G-3.0307, the Presbytery of the Palisades delegates authority to the Committee on Ministry in special circumstances where time is a compelling factor to: approve and present Calls from local Churches, approve the examination of Teaching Elders transferring from other Presbyteries as required by G-3.0306, dissolve the pastoral relationship in cases where the congregation and Pastor concur, grant permission to labor within or outside the bounds of the Presbytery, and dismiss Teaching Elders to other Presbyteries, with the provision that all such actions be reported at the next Stated Meeting of Presbytery.

Membership: The Committee on Ministry shall consist of twelve Teaching Elders and twelve Ruling Elders, divided into three classes of four Teaching Elders and four Ruling Elders each, one class of which shall be elected annually.

MEETINGS: Meetings are held the first Thursday of each month, except during the summer, at 6:30 PM at the Presbytery office. Occasionally there are months when no meeting is held, when the Committees business is light, but the Committee always meets in those months when stated meetings of Presbytery are scheduled. There are also occasions when special meetings are called to address emergent matters, often during a break in a Presbytery meeting.

The business meetings of the COM usually last no more than two hours.


202020212022Chairs and ex-officio members
Rev. Jon BrownElder Barkley CalkinsElder Joan DaviesCo-Chair-Elder Marcy Steele
Rev. Michael CapronElder Donna FrohnapfelRev. Lou KilgoreCo-Chair-Rev. Jon Brown
Elder Sophie Diaz-CorporanRev. Milton Núñez-CobaElder David KuenzlerStated Clerk-Rev. Paul F. Rack
Elder Joseph GrantRev, Andrew SmithRev. Jack Lohr
Rev. Steve McClellandElder Guillermo Lopez-Acosta
Elder Marcy SteeleRev. Sam Stone