Description (According to the Standing Rules)

1. The general purpose of the Presbytery Council is to promote the growth, work and health of the Presbytery as an instance of the Body of Christ. It shall have special concern for the relationship of the Presbytery to its congregations, and the coordination and effectiveness of the work of its Committees and Roundtables.

a) The Presbytery Council shall have Presbytery-wide responsibility in the specific areas of:

  • Ministry and Mission Vision and Planning
  • Finance and Property Administration
  • Spiritual Transformation
  • Lay Leadership Development

b) The Presbytery Council shall review at least annually the functional relationship between the
Presbytery’s structure and its Mission Statement.
c) It shall review and evaluate at least annually the goals and accomplishments of Presbytery’s Committees
and Roundtables.
d) It shall carry out an on-going planning process.
e) It may appoint task forces of limited duration to complete work not already included in the work of the
Committees and Roundtables.

2. The Presbytery Council shall maintain and promote communication and cooperation between the Presbytery,
and the Synod, General Assembly, and ecumenical partners.

3. The Presbytery Council shall have the following committees:
  a) Finance
  b) Property
  c) Committee on Nominations of the Presbytery Council, which shall consist of the Moderator, the Vice- Moderator, and the Chair of the Presbytery Council.

4. The chairs of all Presbytery Council committees must be members of the Presbytery Council. Except as provided above, the Presbytery Council shall determine the number, responsibility and size of its committees. Members and chairs of Presbytery Council committees shall be appointed by the Presbytery Council’s Committee on Nominations for confirmation by the Presbytery Council at its January meeting.

5. The Presbytery Council, through its Committee on Nominations, shall nominate to the Presbytery for election at its January Stated Meeting the members and chair of the Nominating Committee of the Presbytery.

6. The Presbytery Council shall be required to report, at each Stated Meeting of Presbytery, every item of business transacted by it. Its decisions shall be immediately operative wherever power has been conferred, but may be reviewed and reversed by Presbytery.

7. The Presbytery Council, upon recommendation of the Board of Trustees, shall propose annually, for Presbytery’s review and approval at the November Stated Meeting, a budget that is supported by a per capita apportionment, voluntary mission contributions, and other assets. The per capita apportionment shall be equal to, or lesser than, administration cost.

The Presbytery Council shall be composed of the following Teaching Elders and Ruling Elders, and other lay persons (the latter of whom may participate in the Presbytery Council’s proceedings with voice but not vote).  Moderator and Vice Moderator of Presbytery.

Immediate Past Moderator of Presbytery, who shall chair the Presbytery Council, beginning on the first of January. Twelve (12) members-at-large, divided as equally as possible between Teaching Elders and Ruling Elders; and up to three (3) otherwise qualified, non-ordained persons who are members of the Churches of the Presbytery (the latter of whom may participate in the Presbytery Council’s proceedings with voice but not vote); widely representative of the Presbytery, and organized into three (3) classes of up to five (5) persons each. Such persons shall be nominated by the Nominating Committee, for election by the Presbytery, with provision, as always, for nominations from the floor.

The Stated Clerk, who shall be the Secretary of the Presbytery Council, members of the Presbytery staff, and the Treasurer, shall all be ex-officio members without vote. A quorum shall consist of the majority of the voting members.

MEETINGS: The Presbytery Council meets the first Tuesday of the month, except during the summer, at 7:00 PM at the Presbytery office. Meetings usually conclude at 9:15 PM.

The Presbytery Council shall recommend to Presbytery annually the several sums to be paid by each Church to be allocated to the budget. The Stated Clerk, in conjunction with the Treasurer of the Presbytery, shall notify each Church of its Per Capita Apportionment as determined by Presbytery. The Per Capita apportionment is due in January, but may, by arrangement with the Treasurer, be remitted in
monthly or quarterly installments within the calendar year.

Except as specified in the next two sentences below, the membership of any administrative commission established by the Presbytery shall be nominated by the Presbytery Council, through its Committee on Nominations, and elected by Presbytery, after opportunity has been given for other nominations from the floor.

Membership of a commission to ordain a candidate under care of this Presbytery to the Ordered Ministry of Teaching shall be nominated by the Committee on Preparation for Ministry. Membership of a commission to ordain a candidate not under care of this Presbytery, and to install a Pastor, shall be nominated to the Presbytery by the Committee on Ministry.

The Stated Clerk shall provide constitutional and other services to commissions, and shall facilitate communication between the commissions and the Presbytery.

The quorum for an Administrative Commission shall be a majority of its members, provided that this number consists of at least one Minister/Teaching Elder and at least one Ruling Elder. The Presbytery may establish a higher quorum for a given commission at the time the commission is formed, or at any time thereafter.

1. Whenever it becomes necessary, the Presbytery Council’s Committee on Nominations (comprised of the Moderator, Vice-Moderator, and the Chair of the Presbytery Council), together with the Stated Clerk, shall appoint an Investigating Committee for judicial process, in accordance with the Rules of Discipline (D-10.0201b).

2. When the Stated Clerk receives a written statement from the Clerk of Session of a congregation requesting that the Presbytery assume original jurisdiction of the Session for purposes of judicial process, the Presbytery agrees to assume such original jurisdiction of that particular Session for the sole, specific, and limited purpose of performing the functions of the Session required under the Rules of Discipline. The request shall be from the Session and shall include reasons for the request. Upon assumption of original jurisdiction of a Session for judicial process, the Presbytery shall proceed by way of paragraph #1 above to form an Investigating Committee, in accordance with the Rules of Discipline (D-10.0201).


2020 2021 2022 Chairs and ex-officio members
Rev. Bruce Ballantine Rev. Douglas Cummings Elder Debbie Gargiulio Chair of Council-Rev. Steve Huston
Elder Bill Burdick Elder Heather Nemeth Moderator of Presbytery-Rev. Berj Gulleyan
Elder Daniel Ramirez Elder Sherrie Reilley Elder Elijah Page Vice Moderator of Presbytery-Elder Suzanne Broffman
Rev. Timothy Son Elder Roger Widicus Rev. Fran Thiessen Stated Clerk-Rev. Paul F. Rack
Trustees President-Elder Richard Burns COM-Rev. Steve McClelland CPM Chair-Rev. Rev. Joo Whang Treasurer-Nerses Rastguelenian