For the 45th straight year, Mideast Evangelical Church of Jersey City held its annual conference during the Fourth of July weekend at the Crown Plaza Hotel in Reading PA. The “From brokenness to Victory” conference of 130 attendees, which included 39 youth and children, included a guest speaker from Texas, a worship leader from Canada, two Sunday school classes, and a youth group that rocked the place with their music and voices.

“The theme touched so many who are going through challenging times and are looking for hope in this journey until victory is achieved,” noted said Mideast Evangelical Church Elder Adina Yacoub.

The church’s two vans were packed with more than 25 people who needed a ride, as a well another van for the musical equipment. At the hotel, the group shared fellowship with one another in comfortable couches and chairs and a lovely pool.

“We all felt God’s presence the entire time,” said Yacoub. “We glorified God with our worship and sharing of the Word.”