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New Antiracism Resources Available from PCUSA, Focuses on Immigrants

by Site.Editor

PCUSA is continuing its campaign to share antiracism resources with the greater church. This month includes resources about issues facing immigrant and refugee families. They include an award-winning documentary “Locked in a Box,” refugee ministry resources, the “We Choose Welcome” action guide, and more. For more info, visit the link below and go under “Resources”

PCUSA Offers Free Anti-Racism Resources

by Site.Editor

PCUSA offers resources based on the Confession of Belhar, the newest addition to the Book of Confessions (some available in Korean and Spanish), as part of the church’s ongoing antiracism campaign – Facing Racism. These free resources include workshop materials introducing Belhar to the church, a video explaining what Belhar is and why it is important in the Reformed tradition, and study guides on the Confession of Belhar. You can find these resources at